12 Growth Blue-Chip Bargains I’m Buying Hand Over Fist

The 2nd-worst start to the year in market history has generated the worst investor sentiment in 30 years.

Hedge Funds have been selling stocks in the tens of billions of dollars, while Warren Buffett bought $41 billion of net stock in Q1.

This week I executed on my correction plan, as the S&P hit -19.8% from its highs.

I recently bought 12 of the world’s best growth Ultra SWANs.

These Ultra SWANs match the Nasdaq’s yield but are growing at 21%, and analysts expect 21.4% long-term returns.

That’s similar to the 22% returns they delivered since 2006.

Combined with their A- positive outlook credit rating and impeccable safety and quality are why I am buying with confidence at what might be the bottom of a historically average bear market, and you might want to do the same.

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