6% Yielding Blue-Chip Bargains I’m Buying Hand Over Fist

The speed of this bear market is historic, though the actual declines are merely normal, average, and completely expected.

When it’s raining blue-chip bargains from the sky, smart investors know to bend it like Buffett and buy, buy, buy.

I recently bought 7 high-yield Ultra SWANs for my retirement portfolio and you might want to do the same because these blue-chips are set to soar and too cheap to ignore.

These blue-chips deliver some of the safest 6.3% yields on earth, are 30% undervalued, growing at almost 8%, and are expected to deliver 14% long-term returns similar to the 15.8% they’ve delivered over the last 21 years.

Combined with the right ETFs, they form a Zen Ultra SWAN retirement portfolio that can help you sleep well at night and retire in safety and splendor, no matter what the economy or market might face in the future.

In fact, you can turn these high-yield blue-chips into an Ultra SWAN recession-optimized retirement portfolio that can potentially help the typical retired couple

  • generate an extra $1.1 million in inflation-adjusted retirement income over 30 years compared to a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • deliver over $4.3 million more inflation-adjusted wealth over 30 years than a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • turn $ in average retirement savings into $6.3 million inflation-adjusted wealth after 30 years more than a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • It  fell just 20% during the Great Recession vs 31% for a 60/40 and 51% for the S&P 500

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