My, Oh My, 10 Dividend Aristocrat Strong Buys

The markets are in turmoil, crashing at rates that have shocked even market veterans.

Half of the Nasdaq is down 50+% and over 20% is down 75+%. Even some dividend aristocrats have fallen 30% to 40% in 2022.

This creates bargain-hunting opportunities in 10 aristocrat strong buys.

Together they are 30% undervalued, yield a very safe 3.6%, and analysts think 10.5% long-term growth could deliver market-smashing 14.1% returns over time, similar to the 14.7% they’ve achieved since 1996.

Combined with the right asset allocation for your risk profile, these aristocrat bargains can help you sleep well at night in all market conditions, and retire in safety and splendor.

In fact, with just two low-cost ETFs your can turn these aristocrats into a Ultra SWAN recession-optimized retirement portfolio that can potentially help the average retired couple

  • generate an extra $680K in inflation-adjusted retirement income over 30 years compared to a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • deliver over $5 million more inflation-adjusted wealth over 30 years than a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • turn $510,000 in average retirement savings into $7.1 million inflation-adjusted wealth after 30 years more than a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • fell just 18% during the Great Recession vs 31% for a 60/40 and 51% for the S&P 500

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