9 High-Yield Blue-Chips To Help You Sleep Well At Night In This Bear Market

The 2022 bear market rages on, with the 3rd worst start to the year for stocks in history.

Growth stocks are getting wrecked but low volatility, high-yield blue-chips offer a shelter in the storm.

These nine high-yield blue-chips create a perfectly balanced and diversified portfolio that’s up 3% this year, outperforming the Nasdaq by 25%.

They offer aristocrat-level safety and quality, are 14% undervalued, yield a very safe 4.5%, and analysts expect market-beating returns for decades to come (they’ve beaten the market by 4% annually for the last 25 years).

These high-yield blue-chips are so low volatility that they fell 20% less than the market during the Great Recession, matching a 60/40’s defensiveness. That makes them a great option for helping you sleep well at night in these troubled times.

With just low cost ETFs you can turn these high-yield low volatility blue-chips into a Ultra SWAN recession-optimized retirement portfolio that can potentially help the typical retired couple

  • generate an extra $555K in inflation-adjusted retirement income over 30 years compared to a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • deliver over $1.4 million more inflation-adjusted wealth over 30 years than a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • turn $510,000 in average retirement savings into $3.4 million inflation-adjusted wealth after 30 years more than a 60/40 retirement portfolio
  • it fell just 13% during the Great Recession vs 31% for a 60/40 and 51% for the S&P 500

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