My, Oh My, 9 Rich Retirement REIT Buys

The Dividend SenseiThe Dividend SenseiNovember 22, 2021

Inflation is the #1 concern of 31% of Americans right now, and it’s not hard to guess why.

Inflation is soaring at the fastest rate in recorded history and between 6.2% and 15.2%, depending on what goods and services you are measuring.

The bond market expects inflation over the next five years to be 3.2%, 2X what it was in the 2010s.

Fortunately, income investors can benefit from the incredible inflation-beating power of reasonably priced REITs, which are the #1 performing sector even in stagflationary conditions.

Today nine companies represent reasonably valued REITs that yield 5.2% and analysts expect long-term dividend growth of 5.0%.

That’s more than 2X the long-term inflation rate the bond market expects for the next 30 years and could be just what you need to beat inflation today, retire rich tomorrow, and stay rich in retirement no matter what the economy, stock market, or inflation does over the next 75 years.

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