Buy These 5 High-Yield Blue-Chips And Get A Free House

The Dividend SenseiThe Dividend SenseiNovember 19, 2021

Home prices are up 20% in 2021 and Goldman Sachs estimates they’ll rise 16% more in 2022.

Many people think that soaring home prices make the dream of homeownership impossible for them.

Actually, for the prudent save and income investor, it’s never been easier to afford your dream home.

These five high-yield blue-chips, are willing to give you a free house. In fact, they’ll pay you for the privilege.

These five high-yield blue-chips pay 6.2% dividends, which are 97.8% likely to avoid getting cut even in another Pandemic or Great Recession level economic downturn.

They can not only pay your mortgage, but even buy you a free car, and their 4.2% growing dividends could even one day buy you a rental property or fund lavish vacations.

The secret of the rich is that they let their assets pay for their lifestyles.

It’s time to stop thinking like a pauper, and start thinking and living like a prince.

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