The 5 Safest High-Yield Blue-Chips Retirees Can Buy Today

The Dividend SenseiThe Dividend SenseiNovember 18, 2021

High inflation, low-interest rates, and a 30% overvalued S&P create a perfect storm for retirees worried about making ends meet.

Fortunately, the world’s best high-yield Ultra SWANs can still help you beat inflation, retire rich, stay rich in retirement, and likely let your children and grandchildren retire even richer.

These five blue-chips yield 4.6%, are expected to deliver 10% long-term annual returns and are 20% undervalued.

In the next year, analysts expect these five high-yield Ultra SWANs to soar 23%. More importantly, they expect them to double in the next five years, potentially beating the S&P 500 by 5X.

Over the next 75 years, there is an 80% statistical probability that a $250,000 retirement portfolio consisting of these five high-yield Ultra SWANs can deliver $26.2 million in inflation-adjusted income, 105X your money.

All from the world’s safest high-yield blue-chips who have what it takes to help you retire rich and stay rich in retirement no matter what happens with inflation, the economy, or the stock market in the coming years and decades.

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