Nancy Pelosi keeps pouring millions into this 1 sector — it might be time to tag along

You may not know it from watching American politics, but the country’s leaders do know a thing or two about the U.S. economy.

How could they not?

Not only do members of the federal government have access to an ocean of first-hand data investors would kill for, but Senators and members of the House are connected to the country’s economic movers and shakers.

While prominent politicians’ portfolios aren’t windows into the future of the market, taking a peek inside can give you an idea of what industries and companies they believe in.

Let’s take a look at three stocks connected to one of Washington’s most prominent investors: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi isn’t the one pulling the trigger on most of her trades. That would be her venture capitalist husband, Paul. And he’s loaded the family’s portfolio with a host of winners — primarily in the tech sector.

One of them could be worth buying with your leftover pennies.

Apple (AAPL)

As the representative of California’s 12th district — San Francisco — it’s no surprise that Speaker Pelosi is heavily invested in what Silicon Valley has to offer.

About 17% of Pelosi’s portfolio is made up of Apple shares, a bet that the ubiquitous tech/media/consumer electronics goliath will have more to offer in the future than simply a new version of the iPhone.

The company’s plays around augmented reality, virtual reality, the HomePod speaker, and the software inside the iPad should be exciting for investors.

They’ll provide consumers with some neat new gadgets to spend their money on, which should goose profits, while the technology powering these products will help position Apple for the next iterations of the internet, AI, and even laptop computers.

Apple’s stock has risen by 30% in the last year.

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft shares account for over 14% of Pelosi’s stock portfolio.

Microsoft is often the odd man out when people discuss today’s tech titans, but the company has always thrived in the background, first by powering the computers of millions of businesses and individuals and then by becoming a leader in cloud computing.

Microsoft also owns LinkedIn, Skype, and Github, which alone boasts more than 65 million users.

Microsoft is facing stiff competition from Amazon in the cloud computing space, but some huge deals this year should more than make up for whatever ground has been lost to Spaceman Bezos.

The company will be supplying more than…


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