Did You Miss These 3 Great Trades?

The Option SenseiThe Option SenseiOctober 22, 2021

Just yesterday we closed 3 amazing trades in Options360.  

Had you decided to take the $19 test drive 30 days ago, these trades alone would have paid for 9 months of membership in my Options360 concierge trading service.  

That’s why we offer such an inexpensive trial subscription rate…

Because people stay when the trial is over.  

And why wouldn’t you when the service pays for itself?

You get a first-rate options trading education, you get amazing trade recommendations, you get the best customer service in the industry…

PLUS you get my direct email address for questions. (No personal financial advice and please do not abuse it.)

Isn’t it time you hopped on board the Options360 train and got serious about building your wealth and living the “traders lifestyle?”

Especially when it only takes $19.  And look, if you don’t like the service you don’t have any obligation to go beyond 30 days.  

But I’m betting you’ll stay!

Just so you have the details, those trades we closed paid subscribers:

  • 83% ROI in just 3 weeks in AMD
  • 27% ROI in just 5 days in BYND, and 
  • A WHOPPING 97% ROI in just 5 Trading Days!

If you are truly serious about trading, click here and take your test drive right now.  

To Your Success,


PS.  The actual cash profits on these trades as I recommended them were:

  • AMD $328
  • BYND $75, and 
  • PAGS $320

Remember, we keep the trades small to make sure everyone can get in, but if you are an experienced trader you can easily trade 10 times the volume on my recommendations…

If you had done that with these trades the profit numbers would be $3280, $750, and $3200. That’s not chicken feed!  

The really cool thing is that even at 10 times the volume, we are NOT talking about tremendously big trades.  That size trade is still available to many retail traders and investors.

Click here and take your test drive now.  

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