3 Easy Ways To Retire Rich, And Stay Rich In Retirement

The Dividend SenseiThe Dividend SenseiSeptember 20, 2021

A comfortable or even rich retirement is the dream of most investors.

The right asset allocation, optimal portfolio construction for your needs, and investing tools are the three easy steps to retiring rich and staying rich in retirement.

The right tools and overall investment strategy, focused on safety and quality first, prudent valuation, and sound risk-management always, is essential to achieving your financial goals.

This means optimizing your portfolio for your specific needs and risk tolerances, so you can achieve safe, generous, and growing yield, as well as sufficient growth to achieve returns higher than most index funds offer.

No matter what the market or economy is doing, wonderful blue-chips for any goal or risk tolerance are always available that can help you sleep well at night, retire rich, and stay rich in retirement.

I’ve also seen 24% annualized returns in my $1.25 million retirement portfolio, tracked weekly in our Real Money Phoenix Portfolio tracking tool.

Each of our model portfolios is doubling or tripling our benchmarks.

A rich retirement isn’t magic, it’s just math.

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