Russia Successfully Tests State-of-the-Art Missile in ‘Invincible’ Arsenal

Russia has successfully tested a state-of-the-art cruise missile hailed by President Vladimir Putin as the best in the world, according to reports.

“The tactical and technical characteristics of the Tsirkon missile were confirmed during the tests,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

The defense ministry said that the missile was fired from a warship located in the White Sea and traveled at approximately seven times the speed of sound to a target more than 217 miles away on the coastline of the Barents Sea, Reuters reported.

“The Tsirkon missile successfully hit a target directly at a range of over 350 kilometers. The flight speed reached nearly Mach 7,” the ministry said, according to AFP.

Russia announced the missile test Monday though it’s unclear when it took place.

Putin has touted the country’s arsenal as “invincible.”

The Tsirkon test comes after Russia tested a supersonic cruise missile in the…

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