Greg Mannarino: “Scapegoat Economics” & The Dark Secret We Are NOT Supposed To Know

Market analyst Greg Mannarino has been pretty spot on when discussing the planned destruction of the United States dollar and the takedown of the middle class. He says what is happening right now is “scapegoat economics” as the Federal Reserve creates an “inflation machine.”

Mannarino says that the recent pipeline attack was simply, a false flag.  It was done so the central banks can hide the inflation they have caused by creating a narrative.  They are drawing attention away from themselves and the government. The central banks will race to finish what they have started: to own it all. Their end game is for the banks to own the planet, including all of us.

It would be wise to watch the above video before YouTube removes it.  They don’t like it when people call out those in charge and their agenda.

“They [central banks] are also creating a slave society. This is an amazing set of dynamics that are in play right now,” says Mannarino.  We have repeatedly warned that the end game will be the permanent enslavement of making if we cannot rise up, stand together, and unite against the ruling class who thinks they own us.  We have to realize that centralized banking and the government itself is a slave system.

The New World Order “paradigm” is being rolled out right in front of our faces, and far too many still blame one side or other instead of condemning all oppression, right and left. But that’s because there’s a deep dark secret that is being kept from people, says Mannarino:

“You MUST pay attention to these things now and you really gotta focus on ‘scapegoat economics’. ‘Look here! Don’t look here!’ The Fed CANNOT be pointed out to the people. People out there, the masses, the dumbed-down freaks cannot be allowed to know the root cause of inflation and the fact that the Fed is deliberately creating it…you’re not allowed to know. So [the masses] have to be distracted as they always are.

It’s all being set up. I told you this was going on months ago, and expect MORE of these false flag events to occur to keep energy prices, crude oil, higher. It must be done to continue to brainwash the masses.” –Greg Mannarino

As I continue to say, please stay alert and stay aware.  That means watch the headlines, and use your own critical thinking and discernment. There is a big agenda in play right now and waking up to that fact can be difficult, but unless you want to be condemned and have your children condemned to a life of slavery, it’s necessary.

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