4 Reasons This Hyper-Growth Blue-Chip Could Make You Rich

Strong corporate earnings and great economic data keep the market grinding higher. The S&P 500 is 36% historically overvalued and has just 28% upside potential over the next five years.

Fortunately, whatever your goals, yield, value, growth, or total returns, something great is always on sale if you know where to look.

The Google of China is planning on increasing spending by 30% annually over the coming years, focusing on AI, driverless cars, and streaming.

In recent weeks it plunged 40%, partially due to forced hedge fund margin call selling. This creates a potentially exceptional opportunity to be “greedy when others are fearful” about this speculative hyper-growth blue-chip.

I recently bought a starter position in this hyper-growth blue-chip, because it’s 31% undervalued and analysts think it could double in the next three years, and almost triple over the next five. For anyone comfortable with the complex risk profile of Chinese tech giants, this company is one of the most reasonable and prudent hyper-growth blue-chips you can buy today.

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