Was Trump a great or a terrible president? Here’s what a new poll says

Two months after he left the White House, and there’s no letup in the incredibly polarized views of former President Trump.

Nearly nine in 10 Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents questioned in a new Pew Research Center national survey say that Trump was a terrible (72%) or poor (17%) president.

But it’s a different story among Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP, with 37% saying Trump was a great president and 36% rating him as good.

Pew notes that “there is a substantial partisan gap in evaluations of Trump’s presidency.”

Looking at the overall sample, a majority of Americans say Trump was a terrible (41%) or poor president (12%) – with 17% rating him as great and 18% saying he was good. Twelve percent called Trump an average president.

On a separate question, 38% said that Trump made progress toward solving the major problems facing the nation during his presidency, with 15% saying he tried but failed to solve the nation’s problems. One in 10 said that Trump didn’t address the major problems, and 37% said that Trump made things worse.

There was also a major partisan divide on this question, with 77% of Republicans saying Trump made progress and…

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