Biden Rolls Back Trump Policies, Pushes Massive New Spending Plan, Setting Lofty Goals for First 100 Days

The first 100 days of a two-term presidency mark about 3% of the eight-year span, but since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this brief early window of opportunity has been used to judge a new commander in chief’s agenda.

President Biden’s first 100 days are sure to look different than those of Democrats past, and not just due to the unprecedented challenge of a pandemic. Economic challenge was met by greater spending under Barack Obama than by his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton, and even more federal largesse will be doled out by Biden if Congress gives him his way. Other priorities have differed too.

Here’s a look at how 100-day priorities have changed among Democrats over the years.

President Biden

Biden has made a plethora of lofty promises for his first 100 days, from COVID-19 relief to immigration, climate change, mask mandates and school openings.

Coronavirus relief and masking

On day one of the Biden presidency, he signed an executive order issuing a mask mandate that would last the first 100 days of his presidency.

Biden, acknowledging he didn’t have the authority to require masks in most situations, promised to require them in federal buildings, on interstate travel such as planes, trains and buses, and to work with governors and mayors on their own mask mandates.

The president has pledged to “hit the ground running” by passing a $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, weeks after former President Donald Trump signed a $900 billion relief bill into law.

The bill will include $1,400 stimulus checks, $400-per-week boosted unemployment, tax credit expansion, rental assistance and an eviction moratorium, among other priorities.

To pay for this, Biden has promised to increase taxes on the wealthy by eliminating Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.

Increased minimum wage

Tucked into the coronavirus relief bill is a proposal that would more than double the minimum wage, taking it from $7.25 to $15 per hour.

Reversing Trump immigration policies 

Biden promised in June that on “day one” of his presidency he will send a…

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