Trump 2024: Can a president run after impeachment?

President Donald Trump failed to win his re-election bid against Democratic challenger Joe Biden, and now the president has been impeached for a historic second time – but will this be the definitive end of his time in power?

While under the US Constitution Mr Trump could have pursued the Oval Office again in 2024 following his election defeat to the President-elect, a second impeachment trial could change things, but it’s not set in stone.

On 13 January, the House ratified an impeachment article that officially accuses the president of “incitement to insurrection” following the deadly siege on the US Capitol by pro-Trump supporters on 6 January.

The article now awaits transmission to a Senate, with less than a week left before Mr Trump’s term as president officially ends and Mr Biden is inaugurated.

While the president is unlikely to be removed from office during this time, the trial could impact and future plans the president may have had to run for office again in 2024.

The impeachment by the House alone will not prevent Mr Trump from running for office a second time as that decision rests with the US Senate.

Following a trial, the Senate needs a two-thirds majority of its 100 members to vote in favour of the conviction of the president and the penalty is removal from office.

If convicted, the Senate also has the option to vote to disqualify the president from holding public offices in the future, in which case he would be prohibited from running again in 2024.

According to a report by The New York Times, some advisers of the president have suggested he resign a few days before his term ends in order to avoid the risk of conviction and being barred from running in 2024.

The president has…

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