North Korea cover-up: Fury as Kim Jong-un issues dire punishment – but citizens HIT BACK

Kim fired the three officials over the destruction caused by two separate typhoons earlier this month. The officials were fired over the handling of the natural disaster which devastated the eastern coast of the country. Earlier this month, typhoons Maysak and Haishen hit the coastal city of Wonsan, in North Korea.

Both typhoons caused widespread damage, namely the destruction of an apartment building which killed 70 residents.

Although the thee officials were fired by Kim, colleagues and residents in the city have hit back at the government.

One source told Radio Free Asia, the government had not prepared the city or province for natural disasters.

The source also indicated the damage is far worse than what has been reported.

They added: “If the authorities were really interested in preventing casualties, they would have taken practical measures, including repairing old buildings in preparation for typhoons and heavy rains.

“The authorities have long avoided responsibility by punishing local officials whenever there are incidents or problems that could draw complaints from residents.

“So, this time they are also passing on to the officials their responsibility for the damage caused by the typhoons.

“The typhoon has caused a great number of casualties in Wonsan, not to mention damage to facilities and buildings, but the authorities are saying that only parts of Wonsan have been submerged and only a small number of lives have been lost.

“If we talk to residents, there are many people still missing and the number of casualties is expected to rise further.”

A second source also criticised the government for the lack of preparation made to combat the typhoons.

They said…

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