Philadelphia in Crisis: At Least 30 Cops Injured During Riots

At least 30 Philadelphia cops were injured by early Tuesday as violent mobs torched squad cars and charged lines of officers in a night of carnage sparked by the police shooting of a knife-wielding man.

Organized protests gathered at a park chanting “Black lives matter” soon after news broke of the 4 p.m. death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace, who was shot by police after refusing to drop a knife.

Hundreds of people then swamped the streets, leading to at least 33 arrests by the early hours Tuesday on charges including rioting, assault on police officers, looting and possession of firearms, ABC News said.

The carnage was caught in a series of disturbing videos on social media, including a speeding black truck that ran through a line of officers, hitting a 56-year-old female sergeant. She remained hospitalized with a broken leg and other injuries, NBC Philadelphia said.

Police told NBC that a fire department vehicle and five police ones were vandalized — with footage on social media showing at least one police car in flames in the middle of the street. Other footage showed a looter rummaging through the front of an abandoned police van.

At least one police station was also attacked, according to CBS Philadelphia, with windows smashed and graffiti, including “ACAB” — short for “All cops are bastards.”

Looters also hit several Rite Aid stores, clothing and shoe stores and one restaurant, with clothes and merchandise strewn across the sidewalk, ABC said. The glass screens of at least two ATMs had been bashed in.

By early Tuesday, the Philadelphia Police Department confirmed that at least 30 officers had been injured during the riots, mostly from being hit by bricks, rocks and other assorted debris, ABC said. All but the female officer hit by the truck had been treated and discharged, ABC said.

Video of Wallace’s fatal shooting showed him walking toward officers as they had their guns aimed at him, refusing to back away before being shot. His father claims…

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