US-China Warning: President Trump Heading to ‘Point of No Return’ as Experts Ring War Alarm Bells

The USA and China have been engaged in a battle of words since President Donald Trump entered office in 2016, with the skirmish quickly developing into a bitter trade war. Both countries issued a series of economic sanctions on the other but experts have voiced concerns the growing divide could ultimately result in an open military confrontation. France 24 international desk reporter Sanam Shantyaei said: “There are concerns the two powers are reaching what we refer to as a point of no return.

“That there is a complete deterioration of relations between the two and that might even lead to, and that’s the worst case scenario, military confrontation. Conflict.”

She continued: “This is an era that’s very much being shaped by voices from the most hawkish of personalities in both administrations.

“We have seen that play out on a much smaller scale, when we saw the crackdown on Chinese journalists in the US in a tit for tat move. Of course, we saw the expulsion of American journalists from China so we know how this plays out.

“Observers are saying that the United States has the power at this point in time to moderate, to reform the behaviour of China both at home and abroad.

“To try to bring China so that it’s actually cooperating on massive regional issues.”

Ms Shantyaei added: “North Korea, Afghanistan, even global issues like climate change, non-proliferation.

“But people inside Beijing, and I spoke to one observer earlier, are saying that won’t be the case because the US is threatened by China’s rise as a major world power.

“Don’t forget both the IMF and…

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