Tensions Soar as China’s Troops Massing on India Border – New Satellite Images

Satellite images indicate Beijing has set up bunkers, tents and storage units for military hardware close to the site of the deadly June 15 clash. A short walk away,a potential new camp under construction with walls or barricades can also be seen.

The structures have been set up despite India and China agreeing to deescalate tensions on the border.

In the violent outbreak earlier this month, Indian and Chinese soldier fought in hand-to-hand combat with both sides suffering multiple casualties.

Nirupama Rao, who served as India’s ambassador to China between 2006 to 2009, described the moment as “a turning point in the bilateral relations”.

It was the first deadly clash between the two countries in at least 45 years.

Since then tensions between the two Asian powers have continued surge, with both sides blaming the other for the conflict.

Now, these new satellite images appear to show Beijing is not backing down on its clash with Delhi.

The images show a number of new structures which were not visible in May.

Neither nation has commented on the new pictures.

Former Indian diplomat P Stobdan has described the latest development as “worrying”.

He told the BBC: “The Indian government has not released any pictures or made a statement, so it’s hard to assess.

“But the images released by private firms show that the Chinese have built infrastructure and have not retreated.”

It is believed the new military structures were erected after the border clash.

The images have been released just days after India and China held talks on…

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