Donald Trump health: Major fears for US President after he ‘wobbles’ during medal ceremony

The US President awarded the National Medal of Arts to Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight. In video footage from the event, Trump appeared unsteady on his legs, sparking concerns for his health from commenters on Twitter. One wrote: “Trump is NOT looking well!!

“It almost seems like he needs to lean on the podium to keep himself standing!!”

Another said: “Two thoughts.

“1)Any 250lb human body frame carrying 200 additional lbs would tend to weeble wobble.

“2)A human being with two faces has to let one of them rest sometimes, hence the uncomfortable wobbling.”

Mr Voight is a renowned supporter of Trump.

He has starred in hit films such as Ali and Midnight Cowboy.

He won his sole Oscar in 1978 for his role in Coming Home.

Mr Voight is also the father of legendary actress Angelina Jolie.

During the speech at Mr Voight’s win, Trump said: “Each of today’s recipients has made outstanding contributions to American society, culture and life.

“They exemplify the genius, talent and creativity of our exceptional nation.”

It comes after Trump’s physician gave an update on the President’s health after he was taken to hospital earlier this month.

Trump was reportedly “rushed” to hospital after being spotted with a full escort of Secret Service officials.

The unscheduled medical tests sparked fears and concerns among the public.

However, it was initially played down by his White House colleagues.

They insisted that Trump was having his annual checkup at the Walter Medical Centre.

In a statement shared on Twitter, the physician said…

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