Ivanka Trump backlash: First Daughter savaged online after latest video in brutal attack

Ivanka Trump was met with ridicule and fury after she posted her latest video on Twitter. In a message to her online followers, the First Daughter commemorated the anniversary of a speech she made to ambassadors across the Americas. Her tweet, which centred on “advancing the economic empowerment of women,” was instantly savaged by online users.

In the Twitter post, Ivanka said: “On this day last year, I addressed Ambassadors across the Americas at OAS to preview W-GDP & discuss advancing the economic empowerment of women globally.

“Since then, we have launched #WGDP a critical mission that will impact 50M women by 2025!

“I look forward to visiting Colombia, Argentina & Paraguay next week to further this goal!”

The OAS is the Organisation of American States, which holds an annual conference bringing together representatives of 35 independent states of the Americas.

The W-GDP is the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative – which Ivanka Trump has championed since coming into the White House as advisor to her father.

However, the tweet was attacked by Twitter users, who charged her with not helping women’s empowerment during her time in the White House.

One user named Jennifer tweeted: “Rerunning another vanity video and flaunting how you waste taxpayer money on your useless position.

“If you had any self awareness, you’d realize you don’t have the slightest qualifications to be there…

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