Trump SHOCKER: US President wants to buy world’s largest island in Europe – Greenland

DONALD TRUMP has told aides he plans to buy the world’s largest island Greenland in a shock move to bolster the US in Europe.

The US President reportedly enquired with his advisers over the logistics of how they would go about doing so in passing conversations. The Wall Street Journal reports that questions over how such a move would be made possible were asked by Trump, who has repeatedly asked members of his administration about the topic. Reports say that during meetings Trump listened with intent on the discussions.

Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory, has an abundance of riches as well as geopolitical power.

The concept has been backed by some close to Trump, however others claim it was just a fleeting idea sparked by the businessman-turned-politician.

At present, it is unclear how such a purchase could be made by the US.

At a meeting, Trump allegedly asked the room: “What do you guys think about that?”

“Do you think it would work?”

Some of Trump’s administration have supported the concept while other have dismissed it as “fleeting fascination”, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Trump’s plans come as he is set to visit Denmark early next month which is unrelated to the plans to purchase.

The White House and State Department haven’t responded to a request for comment to the Wall Street Journal’s report…

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