Trump issued Iran warning as jets ready to inflict ‘severe US losses’

IRAN sparked fury within Western ranks after firing warnings at both the US and Israel over the current crisis in the Strait of Hormuz – but President Donald Trump must think twice before seeing Tehran as an easy target due to its airpower.

Tensions rose further after a third Royal Navy warship was sent to the Strait of Hormuz following several shipping incidents over the past three months. With conflict between Washington and Tehran a possibility in the near future, military officials on both sides will likely be sizing up the other’s arsenal. Despite the US’ vast military-industrial complex and subsequently powerful forces, there may be one type of warplane that could pose a serious threat to Trump’s airforce.

On paper, Iran’s old F-14 Tomcat fighters may not look like they could even make a dent in a modern US plane.

However, they are likely to be Trump’s first targets, according to military analyst David Axe.

Originally deployed during the Iran-Iraq war that ran between 1980 and 1988, 68 of the F-14 planes managed to survive.

This was despite heavy US sanctions that limited Tehran from seeking any spare parts for the fighters.

However, the black market has allowed Iran to stay self-sufficient and maintain these plans.

This was of great concern to the US, according to Mr Axe, due to the effectiveness of the F-14 despite its age.

He said: “With its long range and powerful radar, the F-14 remains one of the world’s most capable fighters.

“For that reason, the Americans for many years have been trying to ground the…

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