Breaking: Iran to enrich uranium to ‘whatever levels we need’ in rebellion against ‘afraid’ Trump

IRAN’S elite military group leader taunted the US as he claimed Washington was terrified of war with Tehran as President Hassan Rouhani vowed to enrich uranium to “whatever level we need” within days.

Major General Hossein Salami, who heads up the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said that while Iran was prepared for any conflict, it was the US that is panicking at the prospect of war between the two nations, despite President Donald Trump’s hostile rhetoric.

His comments come just days after Iran started enriching uranium beyond the levels agreed in the nuclear deal – sparking fury from Trump, who said Tehran were “playing with fire”.

Major Salami said: “In the military sphere, we have completely closed the path for the enemy.

“In the current situation it is the enemies who are worried about the outbreak of war and this worry is apparent in their physical and tactical behaviour.”

Today Mr Rouhani said it would ramp up its uranium enrichment programme again on Sunday.

He said: “After July 7 we will enrich uranium to whatever levels we need (beyond 3.67 percent).”

The Iran President also urged the US to…

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