World War 2 disrespect: Fury as German tourists ‘raise Nazi flag on D-Day beach’

GERMAN tourists caused outrage after allegedly marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day by raising a flag at a beach where thousands of US soldiers were killed.

The group of four, who have not been named, visited the Vierville-sur-Mer campsite in Normandy, France, on Thursday, June 6. Omaha Beach can be seen from the campsite, where around 5,000 soldiers were killed or injured by German infantrymen. Many holiday makers flocked to the area to mark one of the greatest victories of World War 2.

They said: “They initially said they wanted to mark the day properly, sticking to history.

“It was a commemoration of sorts, because the area was full of German camps in the 40s.

“But it caused an enormous amount of anger and hurt.”

Ludovic Vautier, who runs the Vierville camp, told Ouest France newspaper his “blood was boiling” when he found out what had happened.

He said…

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