VIDEO: Futuristic rifle can disable rogue flying drones in seconds

DEFENSE company Droneshield has invented and demonstrated the capabilities of a new “futuristic rifle” that stops rogue drones by hacking into them.

Australian defence company Drone Shield has developed a rifle that deactivates flying drones quickly and effectively in a promotional video. In the video, a soldier can be seen donning the oddly shaped rifle and running into range of a drone deployed in the area. He then aims through his scope while showing the dials and selectable frequency settings positions on the rifle.

After aiming directly at the drone and pulling the trigger the drone begins to descend to the ground at a steady pace.

A message then comes up on screen for the promotional video stating that the rifle has a 2.5km functional range.

Another notice states that the rifle has the ability to disrupt Quadcopter, fixed wings drones in addition to drone swarms.

The firm has previously worked with the British Army and provided assistance in 2018 to the Korean Winter Olympics.

CEO Oleg Vornik has not yet revealed the exact cots of the system but did confirm that the rifle ranges from five to seven figures.

Mr Vornik added that the system could be used to protect airports from done incursions.

This could prove particularly helpful in British airports as Gatwick and Heathrow airports were…

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