F-16 fighter jet crashes while trying to land at California base (photos)

AN F-16 fight jet has reportedly crashed into large commercial building in Riverside, California.

The plane went down near the March Air Reserve Base, according to NBC Los Angeles. There is currently a 2,000 ft perimeter “DO NOT ENTER” zone in place. The pilot’s condition is not yet known.

Hazmat teams have reportedly been sent to the area.

Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Holliday told NBC LA: “It went into a building, there was a fire.

“I don’t know if that has been extinguished yet or not.

“The pilot ejected on base so he was not in the aircraft.

“He has been transported but I don’t know the status of his injuries or what his condition is.”

There are reports weaponry was on the plane at the time.

A safe perimeter has been put in place.

The weapons have been “controlled” according to Mr Holliday.

The crash comes just a day after two single-engine planes crashed in midair in Sutter County on Wednesday.

The collision killed both pilots, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

The pilots have been…

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