Video: Expert fears Iran and US heading for all out WAR – ‘Risks are RISING’

THE US and Iran could well be heading towards all out war, according to an unnerving comment made by an international relations expert.

Tensions between the two nations are at an all-time high after a period of intensifying rhetoric following Washington’s deployment of an aircraft carrier and more jet fighters at a time of already incendiary relations with Tehran. But director of the European Leadership Network Sir Adam Thomson told Sky News that he believed the two nations could be heading for war this time round. The former NATO representative was asked if he was worried that war could break out.

He replied: “Yes, I am.”

After a moment’s ominous silence, he continued: “I’m not saying its a very high probability but I think the risks of it are rising.

“And many in Iran – the hardliners into whose hands President Trump is playing with this policy -will welcome this opportunity for a clash with the US.

“Indeed, the more that the US boxes Iran in with economic sanctions, the more it will be necessary for the Iranian regime to show it can stand up to pressure in another way.

“The more the US penalises people that it says it wants to support over sanctions – humanitarian trade, for example – the more desperate that regime will become.

“A better way of diplomacy is to offer them some ways out.”

President Trump warned on Monday Iran would “suffer greatly” if it targeted U.S. interests.

He told reporters at the White House…

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