Photos: China’s new DF-26 missiles can sink aircraft carriers and has capacity to overwhelm US defenses

CHINA’s missiles have the “capacity to overwhelm” US defense systems, a former intelligence officer has said.

The powerful military could destroy American aircraft carriers if the rivalry between China and Trump turns into a war. Many of these missiles are specifically designed to attack the aircraft carriers and bases that form the backbone of the US military. China’s missiles outperform their counterparts in the armouries of the United States and its allies, according to current and former US military officers.

James Fanell, a former intelligence officer, said: “We know that China has the most advanced ballistic missile force in the world.

“They have the capacity to overwhelm the defensive systems we are pursuing.”

Chinese military brass said Beijing’s enhanced missile capability was a great leveller and would serve to deter the US from getting too close to Chinese shores.

A retired colonel from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) added: “We cannot defeat the United States at sea.

“But we have missiles that specifically target aircraft carriers to stop them from approaching our territorial waters if there were conflict.”

They added: “If US aircraft carriers come too close to our coastlines in a conflict, our missiles can destroy them.”

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, has described the missile forces as a “core of strategic deterrence, a strategic buttress to the country’s position as a major power and a cornerstone on which to build national security.”

Xi has brought senior missile force veterans into his closest circle of military aides as he has consolidated his grip on…

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