Photos: China has unveiled the world’s first ARMED DRONE boat

The Marine Lizard could be used to take on land assault operations according to military analysts. The 14-tonne vessel is capable of reaching speeds of 50 knots in the water, GlobalTimes reported. When approaching land, the boat releases four tank treads which allow it to travel at 20km/h (12.4mph).

However, the maximum land speed can be increased, the manager of the company which builds the vessel told Hubei Daily.

The military expert told the Global Times: “This amphibious drone boat is suitable for island assault operations as a swarm of such drone ships could lead an attack following the first wave of artillery and air strikes.

“Approaching land from the sea is a dangerous task, and the Marine Lizard can take advantage of its unmanned nature to discover enemy positions and provide suppressive fire as troops follow.”

He went on to point out the boat can form an integrated combat system with aerial armed reconnaissance drones and other drone ships.

The Marine Lizard uses an electro-optical system and a radar system.

The boat is equipped with two machine guns and a vertical launching system for anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles.

The Marine Lizard is unmanned and remotely operated via satellites according to the company manager.

The unveiling follows reports of…

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