WATCH: “Profiting From The Destruction Of Socialism”

In a recent video sit down with Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante on the YouTube channel Anarchast, Lior Gantz discusses how to profit off the ignorance of socialism.  It’s fairly easy to make money especially when you can obviously see that what we have right now isn’t capitalism (regardless of how many times we’re told otherwise).

Gantz is the founder of the websites The Wealth Research Group, which he dedicates to helping Americans build wealth even as the government and central bankers systematically and intentionally destroy the middle class to bring about socialist controls and complete enslavement of mankind.

In the discussion with Gantz, titled Profiting From The Destruction Caused By Socialism and Central Banking with Lior Gantz, Berwick states that we don’t have much if any capitalism left, but as long as the elites can fool the masses into blaming authoritarian controls on capitalism, we are on a trajectory of destruction. Those who seek financial freedom should understand how to profit off this lunacy, however.

According to the Anarchast’s description of the video below, this is episode 458. The topics at hand include:

The true cost of quantitative easing, the federal reserve, is the world ready for freedom, lessons from history, who benefits from currency creation, wealth inequality following 2008, asset inflation favors the rich, on the brink of recession, unsustainable interest rates, QE4 and hyperinflation, student loan debt, crypto vs capital control, how to run capitalism, free market solutions, no bargains in the stock market, internet enabled international lifestyles. –Anarchast


Both Berwick and Gantz discuss the dangers the central banks and the government have put the people in and the disastrous wealth gap that interference in the marketplace (which is the opposite of capitalism for those without a dictionary) has caused. They also discuss the horrors of the student loan crisis and how it is affecting the entire economy. Berwick even touches on the fact that young adults are often paying what a typical mortgage costs to learn how to be good little socialists and obey the totalitarian rule – and it’s all by design.

Gantz also expertly lays out the problems with quantitative easing (interference in the marketplace, aka, not capitalism) and how we will be left with two options because of it.  The first will be hyperinflation that will make the Weimar Republic look like child’s play and the second will be nothing less than a devastating economic collapse that will thrust us immediately into a time much worse than the Great Depression.

But there’s a way out, and it may be through the ownership of cryptocurrency. Additionally, Gantz says it’s difficult to flee the United States on a plane loaded with gold and cash and the risks of doing so are insane.  But you don’t have to carry any Bitcoin, making it a great choice if you decide to flee the coming totalitarianism.

Gantz goes on to say you have to balance idealism with pragmatism.  Doing is so, is realizing the economy will crash and burn, but taking the initiative to profit from the system now and enjoy wealth along the way.  It’s the only way to be a true voluntaryist (a person who advocates a society be based on voluntary human interactions, and NOT force, theft, or coercion.)

Watch the entire video if you have time, as it’s chock full of useful information. And check out Gantz’s newsletters by signing up for his email alerts here. You won’t regret it!  He spends his time attempting to educate the public and alert the masses to the destruction of socialism that is coming down the pipes right now.

You can also check out Jeff Berwick’s website, The Dollar Vigilante, where he attempts to awaken people to the horrors of government and central banks, and why force and coercion will be unsustainable in the long run.  If humanity wants any amount of free will and choice in their lives, they will run from the government and choose to be peaceful voluntaryists.

Source: SHTF Plan


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