World War 3: Russia stokes tensions with show of TERRIFYING FIREPOWER in Arctic

RUSSIA has once more demonstrated the devastating firepower at its disposal with a series of live-fire artillery drills at combat training ranges in the Barents Sea, further stoking up already heightened tensions with the West.

The large amphibious assault ship Alexander Otrakovsky, based with the Kola Flotilla of the Russian Northern Fleet’s all-arms forces, carried out the military exercises at combat training ranges in the remote , Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday. It said: “The combat teams of the amphibious assault ship sharpened their skills while conducting a sea battle with a notional warship and suppressing a fire pocket on the coast.” The artillery crews also destroyed a “notional floating mine”, the statement added.

The ship’s missile and artillery combat unit directed their fire at coastal and naval targets, with all successfully destroyed, according to initial reports.

Earlier the Alexander Otrakovsky took part in combined military drills with the Kola Flotilla’s minesweepers, and sailed through the Kola Bay waterway after it had been cleared of…

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