Hijacker douses PACKED school bus in petrol and TORCHES it – ‘No one getting out ALIVE’

A 47-year-old man was arrested in Milan after highjacking a school bus with 51 children on board and setting it on fire.

The man hijacked the school bus with 51 children on board as he was driving them back to school from a sporting event. The man has reportedly shouted to the kids he wanted to kill himself in protest of the migration flows in the Mediterranean. The man told the kids he was going to take them to Linate Airport as he shouted: “No one is going to get out of here alive”.

One of the kids called his parents to alert the police.

Once the police was able to track the bus down on the motorway, in an attempt to sidetrack police cars he came to a stop and covered the bus with petrol to then set it on fire.

The 47-years-old man, originally from Senegal, was immediately arrested by the police at the scene.

Luca De Marchis, provincial commander of the Carabinieri in Milan said…

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