Incredible Photos: What the CATASTROPHIC Nebraska floods look like

NEBRASKA and other Midwestern states have been struck by a devastating weather phenomenon which has turned towns to islands and killed three people.

A hurricane-like weather phenomenon that scientists call a “bomb cyclone” hit the western Rocky Mountains and US Central Plains last week. The weather system showered snow and freezing rain on millions of Americans in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. Three people have died, including a man who officials say was trying to rescue strangers from freezing flood waters.

James Wilke, 50, was killed in Nebraska when a bridge collapsed as he tried to help motorists.

On Sunday, police in Platte County, Nebraska, confirmed 80-year-old Betty Hamernik died after emergency crews were unable to reach her home in the rapid floodwaters.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said flooding was expected to continue across parts of the Central Plains and Upper Midwest for the rest of the week.

More than 8 million people are under flood warnings in the Midwest and the Mississippi River Valley, according to CNN.

CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said: “Eastern Nebraska remains the hardest hit area, with much of the southeast part of the state under flood warnings.”

A major concern now is water draining downstream, further inundating communities already at dangerous flood levels.

President Donald Trump described the floods as…

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