Photos: Russia BEEFS UP sea power with fearsome new warships and submarines

RUSSIA’S military expansion is continuing with the addition of three new warships and four submarines to its fleet.

The new vessels will be joined by a further seven ships which are undergoing repairs and refurbishment in naval shipyards in Severodvinsk.  Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “In 2019, the shipbuilding program of enterprises integrated into the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) stipulates the construction of seven combat ships, including three nuclear-powered submarines and one diesel-electric sub, and the completion of the repairs of seven warships and vessels.

“The completion of the construction and the delivery of the nuclear-powered underwater cruisers Knyaz Vladimir and Kazan to the Navy are top-priority tasks for the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Sevmash and some design organizations.

“On the instruction of the supreme commander-in-chief, the entire amount of work has to be…

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