North Korea NUKE testing again? Fears after earthquake caused by ‘artificial EXPLOSION’

FEARS North Korea may have resumed testing nuclear weapons were ignited after a 2.1 magnitude earthquake was detected yesterday, which was reportedly caused by an artificial underground explosion.

The earthquake was registered by the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA). US political strategist Evan Siegfried questioned whether it was triggered by weapon testing in North Korea. However others believe it is likely to have been caused by an explosion in a mine.

The earth tremor was reported to be centred on the mining town of Pyonggang.

A KMA official reported: “The epicentre is measured to be near the land surface.”

Mr Siegfried, who has been involved with a number of US election campaigns, and makes frequent TV appearances, noted his concern about the blast.

Taking to twitter he questioned: “North Korea testing again?”

However there is no firm evidence to suggest a nuclear weapon has been tested.

North Korea conducted its last nuclear test on September 3 2017, triggering a 5.7 magnitude earthquake.

The reclusive dictatorship agreed to…

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