DEADLY TORNADOES: At least 23 dead after storm hits Alabama

AT least 23 people are dead and more injured after two deadly tornadoes smashed into Alabama yesterday.

One victim was reportedly an eight-year-old girl. The tornadoes struck Lee County on Sunday afternoon, according to the Lee County sheriff. The sheriff didn’t give any details about the locations or circumstances of the deaths.

The Lee County coroner said he has asked for assistance from the state mortuary response team.

Most of the damage was reported near Beauregard, and there were two confirmed fatalities in that area.

The first tornado struck in Lee County on Sunday afternoon, on the border with Georgia.

The full scope of the damage is still unknown as severe weather lingers across the region.

Emergency workers went to the scene as mobile homes were obliterated, trees snapped and the storms left a trail of destruction.

Shocking images show terrifying scenes with ceilings collapsing and debris being whipped up by the strong winds.

Family members of the young girl…

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