Video: Russia’s nuclear-powered underwater drone REVEALED

RUSSIA’s lethal Poseidon nuclear-powered underwater drone was today unveiled by Vladimir Putin for the first time.

The weapon, described by the Russians as a giant nuclear-capable torpedo, was revealed alongside a range of other new-generation additions to Mr Putin’s armoury. Details of its high-speed 125mph underwater propulsion system are regarded as top secret. The President said: “Tests are being carried out successfully with the Burevestnik cruise missile, which has unlimited range and a nuclear engine, and with the unmanned underwater vehicle Poseidon, which has unlimited range.

“In this regard, I would like to make one important remark. Nothing was said about this earlier, but today it can be said that as early as this spring the launch will be made of the first atomic submarine as a carrier for this unmanned system.

“Work is going according to plan.”

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said sea tests had been successfully completed.

The Poseidon drones will be used to arm a new generation nuclear-powered submarine being…

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