USA secretly launched 3 nuclear rockets from Antarctica ‘to test EMP on Russia’

THE US government ran a series of nuclear tests over the South Atlantic Ocean to test an electromagnetic pulse in space, a documentary revealed.

Operation Argus was a series of high-atmosphere nuclear weapons tests conducted between August and September 1958 over the South Atlantic ocean. The whole project, which was highly classified, took just 11 days and was carried out by the Defence Nuclear Agency during the Cold War period. It was proposed by scientist Nicholas Christofilos as a means to verify whether the high-altitude nuclear detonations would create a radiation belt in the extreme upper regions of the Earth’s atmosphere.

However, many believe the real intent was much more sinister.

Aaron and Melissa Dykes put forward an alternative theory during their YouTube documentary “The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica”.

They argue the US government was actually testing whether the electromagnetic pulse created by a nuclear explosion could be used as a weapon in the event of World War Three with Russia.

Ms Dykes revealed: “In 1963 there were claims made that a nuclear bomb had been detonated on Antarctica.

“Although the US initially denied reports, trying to pass it off as a natural phenomenon, they later admitted it had actually happened.

“They may have set this off in the upper atmosphere of the South Pole in order to create an artificial EMP.

“If they did it would have been allowed under the Antarctica treaty if it was deemed to be for scientific purposes.”

Just yesterday, more details on a secret Pentagon project below the ice was revealed…

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