REPORT: Russian Navy unveils WEAPON that makes enemies hallucinate and vomit

Two Russian naval vessels have been fitted with a defensive weapon, which, during testing, caused some subjects to hallucinate and vomit because of its disorientating effect.

RIA Novosti, Russia’s domestic state news agency, reported that a Russian military contractor had begun supplying the navy with the weapon, a “visual optical interference” device, named Filin 5P-42. The weapon’s name “Filin” translates to “Eagle Owl” in English.

The technology, which was developed to dazzle and incapacitate attackers, has been deployed on the Russian naval frigates Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov, according to a news release from Ruselectornics, which created the Filin system,

MSN News reported that the weapon fires a beam, similar to a strobe light, which hinders the enemy’s ability to see the ships. Weapon can also suppress night vision technology, laser targeting systems and anti-tank missiles up to a distance of more than 3 miles.

Testing of the weapon found that volunteers who attempted to hit targets protected by the Filin with sniper rifles, assault weapons and machine guns all experienced difficulty with aiming. They were unable to see the target.

Almost half of the test subjects, 45 percent, said they experienced dizziness, nausea and feelings of disorientation, according to RIA Novosti. A further 20 percent said they suffered hallucinations and described a “ball of light moving in front of the eyes.” The manufacturer has also claimed the device can temporarily blind attackers.

Two further warships, currently under construction, are expected to be fitted with the device as well as the…

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