Vladimir Putin to CONFRONT USA? Mystery Russian aircraft arrives in Venezuela

FEARS Russia could back its Venezuelan ally in any confrontation with the US surged on Tuesday following the arrival of a mysterious Russian airliner in the nation’s capital.

The Boeing 777, which can hold 400 passengers, arrived in Caracas on Tuesday sparking a flurry of speculation on social media as to what it was doing there. Washington is backing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido against incumbent President Nicolas Maduro. There have been multiple reports of Russian mercenaries operating in the country in support of Mr Maduro.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev commented: “No one has the right to illegally remove from power the head of state who has just won an election, regardless of whether some countries or political forces like him as a person or not.”

Mr Maduro was reelected as Venezuelan President in May 2018, in a vote boycotted by the opposition amidst multiple reports of electoral irregularities.

The Russian aircraft, owned by Nordwind Airlines, flew direct from Moscow to Caracas for the first time ever according to flight tracking data.

Both Moscow and Nordwind Airlines declined requests to comment on the aircraft’s activities.

Conspiracy theories about the purpose of its visit have been swirling…

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