Dems Are Shocked, Shocked To Learn That ‘Medicare For All’ Outlaws Private Insurance

Socialized Medicine: The popular definition of “gaffe” is when a politician accidentally speaks the truth. That’s what presidential hopeful Kamala Harris did when she admitted that “Medicare for all” would outlaw private insurance.


At A CNN town hall on Monday, someone asked Harris about health care, and she went on to talk about her support for “Medicare for all.” When CNN’s Jake Tapper asked if that meant she would “totally eliminate private insurance,” Harris answer was “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.”

‘Medicare for All’ Blowback

That statement sparked a fury of headlines, backlash from other Democrats, and confusion from Harris’ own campaign.

Several Democratic Senators immediately made it clear to CNN to tell them that they aren’t on board with outlawing private insurance.

“You can’t just pull the rug out from underneath everybody’s feet,” said Michigan Democrat Gary Peters.

Harris herself seemed to backpedal, but then backpedaled on her backpedaling, Her campaign was able to push CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski to delete a tweet saying “she’s also open to bills that preserve private health care.”

When CNN tried to get a response from two other likely 2020 presidential candidates — Sens. Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren — both refused to answer. Warren lamely said that she “hadn’t seen” Harris’ remarks. Booker simply said “I’m not going to comment on that.”

This would all be amusing if it weren’t so unbelievably cynical.

They Co-Sponsored ‘Medicare For All’

After all, Warren and Booker are co-sponsors of the “Medicare for all” bill introduced last year by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In fact, Booker made a bill splash when he signed onto Sanders’ bill in 2017, saying that “This is something that’s got to happen.”

Other likely 2020 contenders like Julian Castro, Beto O’Rourke and Kirsten Gillibrand have also endorsed “Medicare for all.” So have a dozen other Senators. Half of the Democrats in the House co-sponsored the House version of Sanders’ bill. President Barack Obama is on board.

“Medicare for all,” in fact, has become a litmus test for Democrats hoping to get the support of the party’s left-wing base.

Pushing Single Payer For Decades

Then there’s the fact that Democrats have been pushing for various types of “single payer” health care schemes since President Truman sat in the White House. Some openly admitted that they hoped ObamaCare would be a steppingstone to single payer.

So, the idea that Democrats — and the press — are surprised to learn that “Medicare for all” would outlaw private health insurance is ludicrous.

As we’ve repeatedly explained in this space, the law specifically calls for it. Sect. 107 of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” states: “It shall be unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this Act.”

Indeed, the whole point of “single payer” health care is to eliminate private insurance altogether. Because, according to the left, the government can do a much more efficient job of providing health care and lowering costs than the private sector.

As Sanders puts it: “Creating a single, public insurance system will go a long way towards getting health care spending under control. “

Spilling The Beans On ‘Medicare for All’

The real problem with what Harris did was that she made it crystal clear what “Medicare for all” will do, when the Democrats strategy up until now has been to keep vague on the details, and talk instead about how health care should be a right, how greedy drug companies overcharge, and how well “Medicare for all” polls.

That’s why when pollsters ask the public about “Medicare for all,” most wrongly think that they would be able to keep their private health plans. The Kaiser Family Foundation found that 55% wrongly believe this, including 52% of Democrats.

Ignorance of the plan by the rank and file is, perhaps, excusable. But Democratic lawmakers and presidential hopefuls? Those who pretend they don’t know what “Medicare for all” entails are either lying or are horribly misinformed. Either way, they don’t deserve much respect.


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