U.S. Confirms: American Navy veteran has been imprisoned in Iran for months

An American Navy veteran has been held in an Iranian prison on unspecified charges since late July.

Michael R. White, 46, was detained in Iran after visiting his Iranian girlfriend, his mother told the New York Times on Monday.

Joanne White said her son was scheduled to return to the U.S. from Iran through Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on July 27, but her son never boarder his flight.

She shortly filed a missing-person report with the State Department, prompting the Department of Homeland Security to contact her. The State Department told her three weeks ago that he’s currently in an Iranian prison, the report said.

“All I know is that he is alive and they were putting in a request for a consular visit by the Swiss,” she told the newspaper. The Swiss Embassy in Iran represents the U.S., as the formal U.S.-Iranian diplomatic relations ceased about 40 years ago following the hostage crisis.

A State Department official told Fox News that they are aware of the reports of U.S. citizens in Iranian detention. “We are aware of reports of the detention of a U.S. citizen in Iran. We have no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens abroad. Due to privacy considerations, we have no additional information to provide at this time,” the official said.

The detention of an American veteran is likely to escalate the hostile relationship between Washington and Tehran, particularly after the Trump administration imposed tough economic sanctions on the regime and ripped the nuclear agreement.

According to the Times, there are at least three other Americans currently being detained in Iran. Two of them are of…

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