Fears of a New Russian ‘doomsday device’ that would unleash 300-ft RADIATION TSUNAMI

A FORMER advisor to President Trump has admitted that there are genuine concerns over Russia’s shock plan to use a “doomsday device” that would create a 300-ft radiation tsunami wave – powerful enough to wipe out major US cities.

Shocking reports this month have revealed that Russia is developing a devastating “doomsday device” that could wipe out major US cities. The Russian doomsday nuclear drone could detonate a blast that would trigger a 300ft-high radioactive tsunami targeting the US coastlines. For the first time, US security experts have spoken about the plans – with a former senior advisor to President Trump admitting there are “genuine concerns” about the plan.

Former State Department senior adviser Christian Whiton said that hearing the plans would make any security official “have concerns”.

He admitted that such a blast would create a “wave – and a highly irradiated one”.

But, he told Fox News that it would be “worse to be hit by a multi-megaton nuclear blast than the wave that would be caused by one”.

Mr Whiton explained that water can absorb “a lot of the force” created by such a blast.

This warning comes as the Russian navy began sea trials of the “unstoppable doomsday device” on…

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