Apple knocked its big iPad and Mac event out of the park

  • Apple held a big event on Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York, to debut new iPads and Mac computers.
  • Overall, the presentation was much better than the company’s event in September, where it launched new iPhones and Apple Watches.
  • The latest Apple products look fun and exciting, but Apple also deserves credit for making its event shorter than last time, choosing new presenters who were clearly excited to be on stage, and even getting the audience into it.

Last month, Apple held its big annual iPhone event— and it was pretty disappointing. It had none of the surprises Apple is known for, and the company even discontinued a handful of beloved products, something many people didn’t see coming.

But Apple knocked its big iPad and Mac showcase on Tuesday out of the park.

The products are new and exciting

At its second big event of the fall, in Brooklyn, New York, Apple debuted three redesigned products: a new MacBook Air, a new Mac Mini, and two new iPad Pro models…

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